Shockwaves created in a center are directed to the targeted stone. The intensification of the shockwaves result in the fragmentation focused via ZEUS ESWL x-RAY or Ultrasound system. Fragmented calculi particles are ejaculated via urinary tract.

ZEUS ESWL is designed in a way to include optional fragmentations for various kinds of calculi. The device also is designed to include different timing options and volumes due to the kind, size and the position of the calculi. Most of the calculies can be refracted at a single session while a few require repetitive sessions according to its location.  

This is a primary method used for the interventional treatment. This method is the best option for the kidney calculies especially if the calculi is at the upper side of the ureter.

Shock waves focused on calculi gives harm neither to the skin nor to the internal organs but causes a fragmentation only on the calculi surface. The calculi exposed to fragmentation becomes tiny pieces which are ejaculated easily and painlessly via urinary tract.

Zeus ESWL device stands out with its user-frienly operation. It is also superior due to its:

·            Touch-sensitive control panel,

·            Additional user panel on the main body,

·            Camera using imaging & X-Ray systems,

·            Outstanding mechanical design,

·            Guaranteed and durable materials used in production,

·            Electronic control system with cutting edge technology.

All these features present a system with ease of handling and ergonomics.

Double Angular Oblique System

The oblique system enables an easy focusing to the calculi at the urinary system without a position change of the patient. Thanks to this system that the patient is exposed to less X-Ray.

Ellipsoid System

Ellipsoid structure of the device is designed for a lower sound during fragmentation.

Another advantageous feature of the ellipsoid structure is that; it provides automatic

release of the incoming air during the transfer of the conductive liquid into the ellipsoid as well as providing the automatic air ingress of same liquid while it is drained from


Ergonomic Designed Patient Treatment Table

Zeus ESWL Patient treatment table provides comfort with its ergonomic design. 

It is prroduced from a quality leather material which enables easy cleaning.

It provides possibility for all type of urological interference with its longitudinal, transversal , upwards and downward movement capability. 

Having an X-Ray permeable structure, it provides a perfect match for the ESWL devices.

Water Tank System

The user-friendly integrated water tank enables self cleaning of the device.  

The water filling and draining process is just realized by a simple touch of the buttons.

Totally Dry System

The closed and integrated system that automatically; 

·            Fills the tank from the main supply with clear conductive liquid.     

·            Drains the conductive liquid at the end of each session

·            Cleans itself and gets ready for the next usage.  

Electronic Control System

Main Control Panel

Main control unit has a mobile structure which provides a totally flexible working environment.

The device can be controlled by the touch sensitive panel which has all controls of the device.

During the operation, X-Ray image can be watched on a 17’’ medical monitor positioned at the right side

of the touch sensitive conrol panel. Image processing can be made on the subject X-Ray image. The data that belongs to patient can easly be recorded on the mentioned monitor by the ZEUS patient recording

system, so that the updates could be made when its necessary. 

The device comprises wireless keyboard and mouse that are included within the system which provides portability and utility so that the device is ready to be used wherever and whenever it is transferred to another location.  

User Control Panel

Due to said additional control panel that positioned on the back side of device it is possible to perform table

movement without leave from device and also additional control panel performs filling and evacuating of water

from/to ellipsoid.

Moreover, receiving scopy and making focus transaction is very simple by means of scopy pedal that positioned

on the side of additional control panel.

Imaging System

Imaging system of the device includes 1Kx1K CCD 14 Bit camera, 9’’ Image Intesifier and 5 kW X-Ray generator with rotating anode with 40 kHz.

Imaging system of the device has a more complex and functional design than the other similar devices. Device has

more sharp image and more contrasty image thanks to high definition camera ( 1Kx1K) system.

Also, image intensifier has a feature of high resolution 3 fields feature. In the urinary system displayed by using

feature of 3 field, zoom in and zoom out actions are possible on the area of 4’’ (10cm), 6’’(15cm), 9’’(23cm). Device

creates a X-Ray with little sound ratio, by means of X-Ray generator with HF system. By this means received

image is totally presented without sound and famication.

Automatic Calculi Focusing System

Device includes a system automatically focusing to calculi thanks to single touch on digital control panel.

When the calculi picked and pressed the focus button, system reflects this choice to table movements and

makes the calculi as focal point. Only thing to do for device user is pressing to the pedal and watching the cracking

of calculi. Thanks to this superior feature, patient and device user exposed to lesser X-Ray. Also, session for

cracking of calculi takes very short time and the operation concludes with effectively.